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Online participation in the competition is made by video recordings (performance).


  • Videos should be posted on or any other platform.

  • Access to the file must be open for the entire duration of the competition plus two months after the end of the competition.​

  • The link to the record should be entered into the online application. 

  • Any recordings in the period from 01.01.2021 to 20.01.2022 are allowed, including those made at different times from concerts, competitions, in the classroom or in the form of a home concert. 

  • Musical accompaniment is allowed: with accompaniment or a cappella.

Programm ( soloists)

​  Professionals and students perform:

  1. Aria from opera or operetta (cantata, oratorio)

  2. Romance or folk song of your choice

   Students under 18 years perform:

   1. Romance or folk song of your choice

All works are performed by the participants in a free sequence in the original language by heart.


Programm (ensemble or choir)

Two different pieces with a total duration of no more than 20 minutes.


  1. Professionals and students, all gender identities born after 1975.

  2. Children under 18

Download regulation

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