Dear Singers!

We invite you to take part in the Summer Competition for the Prize of the Bavarian-Russian Cultural Society (Germany)  Applications are accepted from July 15 to September 1, 2021. Details in the "One Song Contest" 

Dear friends!

Because of COVID-19 the organizing committee of the competition decided to hold the competition online (by records)

The organization of the competition: Bayerisch-Russischer Kulturverein / Bavarian-Russian cultural association, Association "International Eurovoice Quintette" - Österreich, Estland, Russland, Türkei, Deutschland


Basic support: Musikakademie Alteglofsheim (Bayern), Pianohaus (Regensburg), Agentur EuropaArts (Sachsen)

Organizational support: Rossotrudnichestvo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Germany
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